• Using visualizations to help understanding

    I’ve recently started (re)reading “Principles of Product Development Flow” by Donald G. Reinertsen. I’ve read it before but it did not stick. I forgot most of what it had to say and I’m not sure I actually understood much of it the last time around.

  • Are we pair programming too much?

    The team I’m part of had been working towards making pair programming the default mode of work, when one of the team members asked: “Are we pair programming too much?”.

  • Materiale lavet til Coding Pirates Horsens [In Danish]

    Undervisning er svært, virkeligt svært. Det har været min primære erfaring efter knap to sæsoner hos Coding Pirates Horsens.

  • Adding a Elm compilation to you Mix project

    We’ve been using cowboy for some time at work for writing small REST-endpoints and lately Elm as been added to the mix to provide front-ends for those endpoints.

  • Building your own GenServer

    Sometimes it’s a good learning experience to try and reimplement some of the functionality that a standard library provides. So how much does it take to reimplement the simple parts of a GenServer?

  • Unexpected message

    Do you know on which process the start_link function of a GenServer in Elixir is run?
    GenServer is one of the central building blocks often turned to when building something in Elixir but the above question is not something I had ever really given any thought.

  • REST services in Elixir with Cowboy

    cowboy_rest makes it easy to build REST services with cowboy.

  • Elixir, Phoenix and workers, part 2: Why use workers

    Before I start diving into different worker/job-scheduler libraries it might be wise to take a look at why I think workers are needed.

  • Elixir, Phoenix and workers, part 1: The setup

    This is the first post in a series looking at Elixir, Phoenix and a few different worker/job-scheduler libraries for a very specific use-case.

  • How to do support if you don’t value your customers

    With helpful examples from Oracle and Philips.
    I see customer support as having a polarizing effect: It will either loose you customers or win you fans. But winning fans via customer support takes time and effort and will only work if you actually care about your customers.

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